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    Primary Focus: Nuking Dmg
    Secondary: Enfeeble
    Third: Stun


    Hnm Macro's should differ from Exp/NQ mobs. Hnm's require more skill and Intelligence to reach the higher tier's for consistent damage.

    Hnm goal: Elemental skill > Int > Magic atk bonus

    Exp/NQ mobs: Magic atk bonus > Int > Elemental Skill

    MACROS: Idle, MAB, EleSkill

    Idle should consist of Fast cast gear and refresh.

    After casting has begun, execute your MAB or Skill Macro depending on the targeted Mob


    As a blm, this is your secondary focus. Blm's have a difficult time reaching A+ skill w/o merits so they're very important to have. Also will need Iqgira Tiara and Lappas, AF1 body, Neckpiece and corresponding Int or Mnd modifier's for the left over armor slots.

    During Most fights blm's will be asked to do at least 1 enfeebling spell so it's important to have on your person at all times. Typically the most dominant spell Blm's will be casting is Sleep. Be prepared occasionally use Elemental Seal + Slow or Paralyze on Hnm's that are difficult to enfeeble. This helps greatly and the tanks will love you for it. ie ES para or ES slow

    STUNNER'S Guide

    It may not be fun, but it's the most important job there is, stun duty. Blm's have a small assortment of fastcast and haste gear they can wear, so this needs to be in your haste macro.
    Without Fail casting Stun from the menu will always be faster server side than a Macro. I highly recomend you make a macro which equips the gear to cast Stun in (Haste/FastCast), and then enter the magic menu to cast Stun.

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