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    Main Focus: Support
    Second: Enfeeble
    Third: Debuff
    Foruth: DoT
    Fifth: Stun

    RDM @ HNM Support SECTION

    Rdms' have an extremely important role to fill. Most everything we fight requires at least 1 Rdm.
    Their first focus should be on Refresh / Haste cycle, ( phalanx II ):

    Refresh Cycle: Rdm(self) > Tanks > whm > others

    Haste Cycle: Rdm(self) > Tanks > Stunners (rdm/drk, Blm, Drk)> others ( whm may be assisting)

    Gear: Should have refresh + fastcast/haste in these macro's, also some mp gear since you may lose mp equipping fastcast or haste in the other slots

    Assisting/Support Healing: Rdm's top cure is Cure IV which draws much hate. Please use CureIII plus Regen when possible. If Cure IV is needed macro in Emnity - gear ( goliard, yigit, errant )


    Basics: Rdm's have it nice since they get A+ add some merits and some high enf skill gear (Duelist's Chap, Warlock's Tabbard, Torque ) 276 + 16 + 35/37 ~ 329/327 Enfeeble Skill. This should be enough to get a somewhat decent proc even on highly resistant HNM. Add modifier to the other slots ie Int/Mnd equip.

    Spell Cycle: Slow II > Para II > Blind


    There will be TP moves that most players should be familiar with. Some buff up the mobs and can be removed with Dispel. Others will land on the alliance and will need to be removed.


    Dispel has a long recast, i would use fast cast + dark magic skill gear here. Dispel typically does not get resisted unless the Mob it's self is resistant to Dark Magic/element.

    Erase/-na spells Only pertinent if /whm If you're unsure of what each TP move does to the alliance you can turn off the filter for special effect's on alliance by foes. Being quick with the spells helps tremendously and helps everyone focus on what they were doing before they got paralyzed or cursed. Use <stal> at the end of the macro ( Select target alliance) It will let you move the arrow over any player in the alliance reguardless if they're blinking from macro's or not.


    Know your Dot's!!

    DiaIII - Lowers the Mobs Def, slow DoT ( needs at least 2 merits to be decent )

    This Should be casted on anything and everything that we physically attack.

    BioIII/BioII BioIII Lowers the Mob's Atk's ( Needs 5 merit's and 211 Dark Magic skill in gear or don't even bother with this )

    This is normally casted on Kited mobs or Mobs we do not plan on using more than Magic Dmg on ie. ( Ix'Mnk/Drk/Drg )

    Rdm/Drk need to macro in Dark magic skill + Jupiter staff, then add fastcast / haste to all the other slots. Rdm's get poor Dark Magic Skill and may get resisted while Stunning. Set your gear using a macro and enter the magic menu to cast stun.

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