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    Post  Benesato on Tue Jan 19, 2010 12:54 pm

    Main Focus: Damage
    Second: Support
    Third: Fish/Pull


    Smn's Primarily will use Garuda, Leviathan, or Diabolos to inflict Dmg for a number of our fights.
    If the mob is standing still Garuda's Predator Claws or Levi's Tail whip are preferred. For Kite Fights use Diabolos, or merited ability which you do not need to be close to the mob for.

    Macro's: Should have as much Skill in as possible for magic dmg, and Avatar Acc/Atk for Physical atk Rages. Use BP - gear for left over slots.


    Party Support:

    ZOMG AVATAR FAVOR! TY for adding something useful SE!! kinda cuts the mp cost down a bit between BP's and can help other PT members ie BLM pt with Diabalos our + Dream Shroud.

    Healing Support:

    Smn/whm should know the TP moves/ Spells the mobs will use/cast on the alliance. Bloodpack Wards are nice but not always needed since they costs lots of MP. Single target /na using <stal> at the end of the macro to target the alliance.

    Getting MP back:
    Use the Corresponding Element of the day to Siphon, you will get more mp back and it will cost less for the few seconds the avatar is out.

    This helps tons and will be used occasionally to make life easy on the alliance. Directions are as follow:
    1. /ma Carbuncle <me>
    2. /pet Assault <t>
    3. /pet Release <me> (or let Carbuncle Die if not at a safe distance)

    King Behemoth is the only MOB that comes to mind, but a SMN must be present with Carbuncle biting KB's ankles at all time. This help ensure that our alliance will not lose claim.

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