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    Post  Benesato on Tue Jan 19, 2010 12:54 pm

    I'm clueless here

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    Post  Aeonknight on Wed Jan 20, 2010 1:26 am

    Ok, fun time.

    BLU can do a few things. It's the jack of all trades RDM wishes it could be Twisted Evil . This is gonna be a general rundown of DDing on things as a BLU.

    Disclaimer: Although it may be fun to set spells that give you diversity in what you can do at any one time (Diamondhide...), it's not recommended to do so. If you want to fill a DD role, your spell mods need to be geared 100% towards that. maybe set a cure spell or auto refresh combo just to keep you running, but stick primarily to the stat mod of the spell you're going to be using. If you vary your shit too much, you end up doing a whole lot of things... just really ineffectively. Assimilation merits will give you a little more diversity, but that's a matter of preference.

    You can DD in 2 categories: melee and magic based.

    Recommended merits: Physical Potency, Enchainment, Assimilation,
    there's 2 DD modes for BLU: /THF and /NIN

    /NIN... you follow your basic meripo setup. haste is good. Sword selection, Perdu is going to be in one of your hands, depending on what your 2nd sword is. When it comes to WS and what not, your spell casting set is going to be similar to a WS set. but much more emphasis on +stat. attack does NOTHING for spells. So that being said, if you ever cast you better be casting in Magus Jubbah (+1). Blue magic skill has priority over all.

    Spells of choice in this setup should be Disseverment, Frenetic rip, Hysterric Barrage (aka The Big 3. Use based on mob weakness of course). Don't necessarily bother with self SC'ing if you're finding that Vorpal blade is doing more damage than the SC effect. Name of the game is DPS.
    **Battle Dance/Uppercut nets you Attack bonus. Disseverment and Frenetic Rip nets you accuracy bonus. Also, Triumphant Roar is a 15% attack bonus. Use before EVERY Vorpal.**

    /THF is what you'll mostly be when fighting anything bigger than a colibri. Your bread and butter spells are Vertical Cleave and Cannonball.

    -Vertical cleave is a slashing spell, closes Darkness from Gekko (or Expiacion). STR mod onry, so pump all the STR gear/spells you have into this one. Again, blue magic skill has priority.

    -Cannonball's a bit different. Considered to be H2H damage. Closes light on Savage Blade or Dragon kick. It's a ranged attack that stacks with Sneak Attack. Your angle relative to directly behind the mob's ass will actually affect damage, try to find the "sweet spot".
    Mods on this spell: 50% STR/VIT (chain affinity puts heavier emphasis on STR, so STR is more important to stack). But defense acts as a secondary mod as well. When gearing for this spell, you can't just stack stats. Priority is mainly on defense (unless you have a BRD double minne'ing you). As always, blue skill > all.
    Now, as for weapons. If you can TP safely on the mob, sword + board. probably Wing sword +1 and Acheron shield. if not, Vulcan staff w/ grip that gives 2 STR/VIT is better.
    ***ALSO: Set Grand Slam and Terror Touch. They have no STR or VIT mods on the 2, but they do give you defense bonus job trait.***

    subs: pretty much /BLM or /RDM.

    Couple of things: first off, if you go this route you better have 5/5 Magic accuracy Group 1 merits. Now, if you want to do this role well, you'll probably want to max Convergence group 2 merits. Convergence DOES work on single target nukes, and for each merit you raise your Magic Attack and accuracy by 5 (not MAB, apparently there's a difference...)

    Second: Burst Affinity. It may seem like it's only purpose is to make your spell MB, but even w/o MBing Burst affinity does increase dmg/lower resist rate. Think of it as the Chain affinity of your magic spells (just not as dramatic an effect).

    Third: Blue Magic skill will NOT improve your damage. It will only affect resist rates. These spells are entirely MAB and stat mod based. But of course if you're getting resists... then +skill will put a stop to that right? =P

    Nuking BLU's come in 2 categories. This one's a lot more situational, think BST affinity antics and BLM's elemental weakness antics. Recommended merits: Convergence, Blue Magic Accuracy, Assimilation

    You're looking at 2 categories of nuking BLU: breath nukes and traditional nukes.

    Breath nukes are your breath spells. Breath spells are naturally accurate magic spells, only way to mod their damage is +HP gear. That being said, even being accurate for spells they're still subject to resist. think DRK zerg gear but magic accuracy gear too. Vulcan staff for heat breath, self destruct, Ice staff for Frost breath, etc. Your dmg won't be astronomical but it'll be consistant. Like.... to the digit consistant. Heat Breath is a 50% HP mod, frost and Flying Hip Press (why this is breath i dont know...) is 33%. more HP is better.

    Then there's traditional BLU nukes. There are a few builds to consider when going this route: INT, MND, CHR.

    INT is probably more used than other sets. It helps spells like Firespit, Regurgitation, and it also helps you land debuffs on HNM's (like Chaotic Eye on Suzaku). For this build, INT and a mix of MAB will buff up your damage. Elemental staves/obi's, like a BLM. Also, make sure you remember to set Memento Mori. +20 MAB buff (only lasts 30 seconds) is sexy.

    MND sets are useful in the sense that it gives you SCH-esque ability. We have a few good MND based nukes like Mind Blast (Demon spell, thunder, effective vs dragons) and Magic Hammer (Light based Aspir), but our healing spells have a much higher MND mod than traditional cure spells. MAB gear still helps damage, memento mori as well.

    CHR build... there's only 1 spell that benefits from this: Eyes On Me. It's the only real darkness based nuke in the game. But since it's a demon spell, it's effective against most dragons (bar-Vrtra). same drill, MAB gear/buffs, Dark staff/obi. Doesn't really have a secondary use, but relatively easier to acquire CHR gear.

    Now you may be asking yourself "How does monster correlation fit into all this?" The answer is simple. for physical spells, it will actually raise the damage done by the spell than what it would normally do (example: on Sea puks, Frenetic rip > Hysterric Barrage or Disseverment). Magus Keffiyeh improves on this.
    For Magic based spells, it will affect your magic accuracy and to an extent, and damage done by the magic spell. Magus Keffiyeh will improve your damage but NOT your resist rates. Use Magic Accuracy gear or more +skill gear if you're getting resists.

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    Blue Mage, The Empty Re: Blue Mage, The

    Post  Aeonknight on Wed Jan 20, 2010 1:36 am

    Woo 2nd post.

    Anywho, when you do your shit right you can expect #'s like this:

    Blue Mage, The Bluesig2

    Blue Mage, The EoMJoFort

    Blue Mage, The Pol20071030015606901dw6

    Now, alot of these results aren't standard. Most of them include things like 300%, Azure Lore in effect, BRD buffs, Dia 3, etc. etc. In other words, more support than any 1 DD deserves. But it gives you an idea as to the potential the job has. SE releases new gear, augments, and spells relatively often. So test and do some work!

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    Blue Mage, The Empty Re: Blue Mage, The

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