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    Main Focus: Not Dying
    Second: Healing/Hate
    Third: Damage

    Tanking requires: Knowing the Fight and gearing accordingly

    -Idle set: Refresh, Shield skill, HP, Evasion, Def

    -Emnity set: Used on Job abilities

    -Shield skill set: ZOMG Shadows are down and I'm terrored! Throw in all the Shield Skill you can plus Def/Vit/Evas in the other slots.

    -Ichi and ni macro sets: Blend of Fastcast/Haste/Shield/Emnity

    -MDT/Fire Resist: 320 Resist is goal, ~ 160ish needed to hit cap + 110barspell+50carol
    If you cannot reach cap, equip Magic Damage Taken - % armor and Magic Defense Bonus After

    -DD set: Loads of Acc and Haste since the swings will be few between all the other moves, don't want to miss on the precious chance you have to hit.

    -Kite set: Crimson/Blood Cuisses come to mind. Should have Refresh + Movement + Shield skill gear with HP and Def remaining slots

    -Cure3/4 set: See Next section below

    Be it you or anyone in the alliance who's not at Full HP CURE THEM FOR GOD"S SAKE!
    You are or at least should be the main healer for the alliance <stal> !!!!!! Any time a whm or a rdm cures some one, that's hate that you lost and could of had. Shame on you!

    If there's no one to cure, make a cure kit that raises your hp so you gain the full 192hp from cure III, and spam it over and over. Mp should never be at max unless a G.horn Brd shows up from no where. <3 them


    Make sure you have lots of Acc and haste in, also note that on certain monsters like Cerberus, Holy Circle will increase Dmg from Atonment even more than usual. You should be using Joyouse or Hauteclaire which has Acc + on it depending on how much tp you want to feed it.

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