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    Post  Benesato on Tue Jan 19, 2010 12:57 pm

    Main Focus: Damage
    Second: Skillchain
    Third: Merits
    Fourth: Weapons/gear

    Samaurai As DD: Need GK and Polearm( piercing mobs) skilled. Also need to keep handy /war /nin and /thf (extra's /rng and /drg). /war is preferred by me most of the time. Unless we expect to fight mobs with deadly AOE, which utsusemi can absorb, the extra DPS from /war is hot. Other instances /thf will outperform /war when there is to be no atking/TP'ing on the HNM and you can only run in to meditate weaponskill.

    Skillchains: Samurai is the master of the skillchains. You should know all possible opening and closings for yukki gekko kasha and rana since we will rely on you to make skillchains with sekkinoki and other random DD's in the alliance. In instances where we use blm's as primary dmg, please hold on solo ws'ing. Announce you have >= 100TP to other members so they can plan/prepare accordingly for SC and MB from the blm's.

    Merits: If samurai is your main DD you need
    8/8 GK - Has to be done, let's not forget every sam's favorite weaponskill tachi: whiff
    5/5 str - 50% modifier on GK ws's, nothing else needs to be said
    5/5 store tp - need this for greater flexibility in gear to hit 5/6 hit builds
    5/5 Meditate recast - shaves 30 seconds total, that's huge
    5/5 overwhelm - +19% ws dmg from the front /joy
    4/5 Blade bash - having a few merits in this category will come in handy more often than not
    1/5 Shikikoyo - This helps for those silly DD's who forgot to get icwings/opo neclace for BC zerg arena's and other instances.

    Weapons/Gear: GK should be a Hagun, if you don't have one, save some gil or kill a few antlions til you get one. Other GK's are good for other situations but on HNM hagun is preferred. Tomoe or Engetsuto are both nice also. With full store tp merits a samurai will need store tp +11 to hige a 6 hit build with a weapon of 450 delay, and store tp +19 to get a 5 hit build with a weapon of 480 delay.

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