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    Party Rolls
    Best practice rolling
    Quick Draw hax/ Corsair Solo


    Corsairs are awesomely versatile in the types of rolls you may receive. You'll typically see 3 types of parties we'll use corsairs in a Melee pt, Black Mage pt, and SMN pt.

    - Melee parties, choices of rolls should be obvious. Typically pick one to two jobs in the party to roll, be it war sam or drk. If there isn't a dark knight, use chaos as the second roll.

    - Blackmage parties, Typically blackmage roll, warlock's rolls, healers roll, and evoker's roll are used.

    For instances where wyrms are in flight for 2 minutes and on the ground for 2, you'll do a 3 roll rotation, evoker's and warlocks' on the ground(Warlock's to prepare for flight), and for flight keep warlock's and wizards on. Soon as it lands you'll have 1 minute to get evoker's, and 1 minute following to get wizards. It works quite nicely and helps down Wyrms quick.

    - Pet Party, We use these for ToAU Kings and other random HNM/NM, keep bst and pup roll on unless they're running low on mp. Typically a smn can rest to recover enough mp if they're only doing 1 bp every ~45 seconds and use elemental siphon ocassionally to make up what they don't get back from resting.


    Lucky, unlucky,10/11 and bust are what we want to focus on.

    Your lucky number will always be between 2-5. You will typically land on these numbers first with the ocassional 1 or 6. By all means use snake eye's as often as you can to hit the lucky here. If you pass the lucky number check next part.

    unlucky between 6-9 - Being in this area is horrible, if the unlucky number is 6-7 chance it and try to get a higher number w/o busting. Don't attempt this though if Fold isn't up. Use Snake eye's to get past the unlucky number if it's 8-9 for sure. That will get you much better results.

    nice when you can hit 10. If you ever land on 5, and you've passed the lucky number, always double up. This number is about as close to the lucky as you can get and you'll see a nice performance boost.

    lucky 11 - this is the shit, you know you're hot when you just rolled double 11's, you should be attempting 11's if you pass lucky and fold is up.

    QUICK DRAW 101

    There's a formula if you need to know you're exact QD dmg, but this is all you really need to know. MAB adds dmg, adding AGI and Macc decreases misses on light and darkshots and keeps you at the top tier for QD dmg yielding less magic resist on elemental magic dmg.

    Corsair kiting

    a windower macro to flash while shooting may look like this:

    /equip main "Jupiter's Staff"
    /equip sub "Thunder grip"
    /con exec corqd.txt
    /ja "Thunder Shot" <t>
    /equip main "Terra's Staff"

    /equip main "Terra's Staff"
    /equip sub "Earth grip"
    /con exec corqd.txt
    /ja "Earth Shot" <t>
    /equip main "Jupiter's Staff"

    Equipping the Terra and Jupiter staff after the job ability QD forces you to flash during the animation. You will need to alternate between these two macro's as it sets the staff for the next QD shot in place. Only using one of these macros you will have to reset your staff to the preffered QD staff each time IE jailer of Faith. You'll use Auster's staff and probably macro in terra's for - phy dmg reduction and a tiny bit of earth resist. The second macro would just have /equip main Auster's Staff, and nothing else included, setting you up for another proper wind shot.

    Which shot do I use? and when should i shoot? If you're planning on using Earth cards and Ice cards always shoot after and enfeeble has landed on the HNM, IE Slow or para, it will enhance the potency of the debuff and help the tanks greatly. Earth cards work great on just about all the NM's in the game. If earth won't do, use ice. If earth and Ice won't do use thunder or wind for straight magic dmg.

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